why use uPVC

Great quality & good looks


Unplasticised poly vinyl Chloride( Upvc) is also known as rigid PVC due to the fact that it is hard and not flexible. UPvc is versatile and highly advantageous over wood and aluminium. It’s rigid nature makes them durable and efficient. The sound insulation and weather resistant properties of Upvc are unmatchable and incomparable.


prolong exposure to sun/rain/wind/moisture cannot affect the quality or durability of upvc windows. upvc is highly suitable for high rise buildings and constructions near coastal areas as they remain unaffected neither by heavy winds nor the salty air flow. upvc windows have proven to be so durable during heavy storm and cyclones. they do not rot, warp or corrode even after long term exposure to extreme environmental conditions.

uPVC profiles are designed with a double-seal system that reduces the internal noise by 30-40Db.  The sound insulation property is further augmented with the use of  steel reinforcement and by choosing the appropriate glass.  Almost 80% sound insulation is possible with normal single glazed windows and 95 % sound insulation is possible with Double glazed windows.

The right amount of Titanium di Oxide used in the profiles helps them withstand UV radiations. This helps them to retain its color even after prolonged exposure to harsh weather in tropical places.

With a heat insulation at least 2.2 times better than Aluminium profiles, uPVC profiles control energy loss in buildings. Upvc profiles are 3 times more effective at maintaining cool temperatures within a building. window with DGU glass and argon glass helps to totally cut off the outside temperature and reduces the consumption of air condition upto 50% . good thermal values, and substantial energy saving Properties are attributed to the glazing of upvc profiles

Upvc is 100% recyclable. Used as an alternate for wooden windows, upvc greatly reduces the rate of deforestation and in turn contributing to the  environment protection.  Our upvc profiles are completely lead free and hence they are non toxic.

UPvc windows give elegance and richness to the building. Laminated wood grain colours give the windows the desired wood look without compromising the benefits of upvc. Upvc windows best suit both contemporary and traditional houses making them aesthetically appealing.

uPVC profiles allow incorporation of multi-point high security locks. All locks and fittings are screwed into the steel core of the profile framing, which makes them burglary proof.  They are formulated in such a way that they remain Impact resistant during handling and installation. Use of laminated glass in upvc windows provides fool proof security to the house.

uPVC being naturally flame retardant , will not cause, support or enhance the development of fire. Unlike timber , the uPVC  do not support combustion and they are self extinguishing in nature.

Termite invasion is a bothersome, lingering issue with wooden windows. The compound material used in Upvc profiles  make it impossible for the termites to attack them. Salts, acids, alkali and waste gases cannot corrode the window systems. Thus making it termite and corrosion proof.

Upvc profiles do not crack or get peeled off making them maintenance free. A Simple cleaning with a piece of cloth and soap water would suffice to make them look like new. It does not require any repainting or polishing thus making it’s maintenance hassle free and cost effective.